We are now not-for-profit! You may be aware that Body Politic are going through some exciting changes. We are soon-to-be registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee.

What does this mean?

Ultimately, it means that the company will operate as not-for-profit.

As the company has begun to expand it’s participation work with mental health charities and at risk groups, it became important that the company sturcture changed to reflect this. In changing the governance of the company it removed the financial barrier preventing us from applying to more grants and funding. More funding means more work. More work means more people who are able to experience the positive impact dance can have. Win win!

Body Politic are now able to make decisions that are consistent the values and ethos of the company. Values come from the heart, and ours spell out our need to make dance accessible to everyone. 


We aspire to…

  • make high quality dance accessible to everyone
  • build a strong sustainable and well managed organisation
  • provide and promote participatory arts programmes which reach children and young people and include those that are vulnerable, at risk or excluded
  • expand and grow our participation work with mental health charities and health care professionals.



We believe…

  • dance can inspire everyone in many ways.
  • collaboration is the key to success.
  • in the power of dance to improve emotional and physical wellbeing in individuals.
  • in being open to new ideas, new people & partnerships and new ways of working.


Artistic Values

We provide a nurturing, enriching and supportive environment which…

  • places people at the heart of its work.
  • works with individuals from all backgrounds and ages to improve self-confidence and self-esteem through dance.
  • engages diverse audiences in innovative issue-based professional dance work.
  • creates exciting and empowering opportunities for people within theatre and dance.


Introducing Board Members

A company limited by guarantee does not have any shares or shareholders, but rather is owned and governed by a board of Directors. Body Politic’s named Directors now include: Emma-Jane Greig (Body Politic, Company Director) Emily Winfield (Studio Wayne McGregor, Producer), Annie Sillence (Oxfordshire Mind, Active Body Health Mind Coordinator), and Sarah Crowther (Marketing Consultant). We may be a little biased, but this is one epic team!

If you are keen to get involved or hear more, please click here to send an email.

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