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It wasn’t that bad… He didn’t really mean it… Did he tell my friends?


Nina’s boyfriend dumped her. He slept with her, then dumped her. She didn’t say ‘yes’. She only remembers fragments. Now, the whole school knows.

THEM follows the stories of three young women who meet at a support group for survivors. Each one with a different story to tell. An unspoken bond and a sisterhood develops giving each of them the courage to find acceptance within themselves.

The stunning choreography flows seamlessly from being powerfully gripping to joyful and harmonious. Directed by Emma-Jane Greig and choreographed by Jackie Kibuka, THEM is a riveting hip hop dance theatre show about mental well-being and consent.

Set to a driving, electronic score by acclaimed composer C. Bickley, and featuring three compelling dancers, THEM is a powerful portrayal of healing through solidarity.

An emotional yet hopeful story for ages 14yrs+.

Trigger warning: Please note this show contains flashing lights and the piece discusses issues around sexual violence and consent but is suitable for ages 14yrs+. Please visit our Digital THEM site for a range of resources.

Commissioned by: Swindon Dance and Dancin’ Oxford, and supported by Arts Council England, Pegasus Theatre, South East Dance and Omnibus Theatre.

To discuss supporting or presenting the production please email Artistic Director, Emma-Jane Greig at or call 07791905851.

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Artistic Director: Emma-Jane Greig

Choreography:  Jackie Kibuka

Performers:    Emily Jordan, Viki Čerček, Christina Dionysopoulou

Composer: Char Bickley

Additional Music and Composition: Josh Davies

Lighting Design: Chloe Kenward

Costume/ set design: Charlie Cridlan

Production Manager & Relighter: Sam Osbourne

Dramaturg: Miranda Laurence and Emma Webb

Artist: Hannah Buckman

Producer: Body Politic


50 mins (approximately)


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Catch our Spring 2023 Tour of THEM at a venue near you.

Fri 24 Feb, The Dance Space, South East Dance

Wed 1 March, The Core, Corby

Fri 24 March, Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Thu 6 April, Pegasus Theatre, Oxford 

Fri 14 April, Derby Theatre

Sat 22 April, Riley Theatre, Leeds 




“In its impressively delicate way, THEM condemns victim blaming and portrays the consequent feeling of self-doubt this generates in survivors… to the point of questioning if the violence itself ever happened. It exposes the non-linearity of healing processes as worked through the body and looks at community care, listening and friendship as key tools for the survival of victims.”


Maria Elena Ricci

Dance Art Journal

 “THEM comes at you gradually, viscerally, sonically, layer by layer, in its vitally innovative retelling of experiences known by young women the world over. Looking not so much at the events themselves, but their psychological and physical effects – the trauma, loss, grief, rage and recovery – THEM exposes the cultural attitudes behind gendered violence while uplifting the voices of those who endure both.”


Hannah Hutchings-Georgiou

Lucy Writer’s

“We would 100% programme the work again it produced such an outpouring of emotion from our college students in particular and I personally was incredibly impressed with the piece and the emotion it evoked amongst our audiences.

Sally Polden

Development Manager, Redbridge Drama Centre


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