Body Politic is a critically acclaimed professional hip hop company based in Oxford whose work empowers the voices of under-represented communities both, on and off the stage.

We provide vital life-changing work to young aspiring artists from diverse communities through an enriching programme of training, mentoring, paid opportunities and internships.

With your support we are able to continue to deliver our ambitious and enriching programme of work, ensuring that it reaches the audiences and people who benefit the most.

Images by Camilla Greenwell


Going to Body Politic [classes] is like a stress reliever. It’s my one chance in the week where I can just relax and dance and get rid of all my worries.”

Participant (14 years old)

“I was blown away at how powerful the work is. The spoken word, choreography, and performance are so strong. I really hope the opportunity gave the company the profile raise it deserves. Well done you talented lot!”

Emily Winfield

Producer, Studio Wayne McGregor

“Emma-Jane’s work, passion and style will be a perfect fit for our urban and contemporary students on our Centre for Advanced Training and our two full-time; Access to Higher Education Diplomas in dance and urban dance.

Viv Slayford

Artistic Director, Swindon Dance

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