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Alongside Body Politic’s touring productions, we place community, education and authentic exchanges with young people at the centre of our work. 

As part of the Father Figurine tour in 2019, the Body Politic team devised an array of education and outreach opportunities for the touring venues and local communities. 

Body Politic delivered an array of enriching and engaging programmes ranging from University masterclasses to Secondary School workshop series. We also hosted panel discussions hosted by health care professionals which added valuable context to the work and ended each performance with a post-show talk facilitated by professionals, local charities and organisations working in front line mental health service roles.

All of Body Politics’ educational activities surrounded the themes raised in Father Figurine; predominantly male mental health issues and father and son relationships in Black British communities.


  • 12 performances 

  • 20 educational sessions delivered

  • 88 young people engaged aged 12-21 years old 

  • 1061 audiences across the UK 

  • 10 panel discussions

Images by Ezzidin Alwan



Absolutely inspired by Body Politic’s Father Figurine tonight. Poignant, thought-provoking and emotive. Thanks so much for inviting us to perform a curtain raiser with you. It’s inspiring. Thanks for placing mental health at the centre of your work” 

Stephen Mason, Course Leader, Department of Performing Arts, Kingston University London

Masterclass series and curtain raiser at Stratford Circus, London

The girls (and I!) really loved the opportunity. I felt like it was really great for them and helped build their confidence performing and public speaking. It was also a fantastic opportunity for them to watch the show afterwards, so thank you for making that happen. 

The tutors were great, they worked well with the girls and achieved a lot in a really short space of time! Especially when the girls didn’t really know each other very well and so needed bringing out of their shells, too”

Jennifer Morton, Teacher, Grey Coat School, Westminster Secondary School

Workshop series and curtain raiser at Omnibus Theatre, Clapham

A lesson tonight is how powerful theatre can be to build emotional resilience in our communities. Father Figurine expresses such non verbal emotion and certainly provoked audience to think and discuss. Lots to think about.”

Paul Gilluley, Chief Medical Officer, East London NHS FT

Guest panelist at Redbridge Drama Centre performance

I would want to see this being performed in schools, colleges and universities up and down the country. It communicates the need for men to speak up and take a greater part in their own mental wellbeing. It creates a beautifully crafted ‘in’, a start-point for conversation, that is key for men to realise that they are not alone and that talking and being heard are essential in moving forward.”

Ed Roberts, Prevention and Positive Activities Coordinator, Menscraft

Guest panelist at Norwich Theatre Royal performance


We’re always looking for passionate people who would like to get more involved in the work that we’re doing. If you’re interested in marketing, media or you’re an artist looking for work, we’d love to hear from you!

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