Me, Myself and I

In March 2017, the company performed ‘Me, Myself and I’ at Pegasus Theatre, Oxford as part of the Dancin’ Oxford Festival 2017.

‘Me, Myself and I’ draws on concepts from Sigmund Freud’s model of the Id, Ego and Superego. Freud describes three systems that interact, develop and influence an individual’s behaviour.

What happens when these systems become unbalanced?

About Me, Myself and I


Delving deeper into the human psyche using Sigmund Freud’s model of the id, ego and superego. The piece explores the cyclical impact anxiety has on the inner workings of the mind.


Artistic Director: Emma-Jane Greig

Choreography: Stephen Brown and Derek Mok

Performers: Amy Elliott, Iria Arenas and Emily Parpas Georgiou

Lighting Design: Damian Robertson

Photo Credit: Josh Tomalin


12 mins


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