Dynamic – Positive in attitude, full of energy and new ideas / A force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process


Trace the timeline of Hip hop dance through to the 60s and you’ll see nothing but dynamism; it’s a constant thread.

Breakers evolved by looking at gymnastics (and Capoeira – though still debated) and applying their own ideas to the disciplines. House evolved by looking at Tap and adding their own flavour.

This is to say that we shouldn’t be so set in techniques and a rigid way of expressing a style. They have their place, of course. But the irony is omnipresent: the techniques were born out of improvisation and freedom.

Let’s allow ourselves to be dynamic in this sense. Let’s allow ourselves, like our pioneers, to be inspired by the styles around us at present.

Become a dynamic dancer.

Take a class you usually won’t.

Break out of the Hip Hop bubble. Try a different style. Contemporary seems to be the next hot thing, and the main reason is because of the very essence that gave birth to Hip Hop dance as we know it – freedom of self-expression.

Try an acting workshop. Get in touch with how your body language, breath, and facial expressions can enhance your movement.

Explore a martial art. Gain an understanding of the self, mentally and physically, and explore how that can affect how you dance. Nourish your movement range.

Try poetry. You more than likely already dance to an artists’ lyrics and try to portray their intentions. Why not try your own?

You don’t even need to reach that far. Move at home. Isolate parts of your body you can train while going about your day to day life.

It’s not just about versatility, it’s about allowing yourself to keep evolving; and consequently, evolving the style.

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