It’s less than 9 weeks till the Kinjaz hit London. YAS!

I don’t know about you but we are pretty damn excited to be welcoming back Pat Cruz, Anthony Lee and Vinh Nguyen. Still haven’t booked your spot yet?

Here’s our top five reasons why you should book:

1- Over 9hrs of intensive, top notch training and insight. Yup, that’s right! Over the course of two days dancers can expect to get six 1.5hr classes as well as a unique Q/A insight session. Always wanted to know whether Kinjaz coordinate their underpants? Yeh… us too.

2- Great value for money. We’re saving you a flight to Los Angeles! A full weekend pass works out at £25 per class. Plus, if you book in a group of four or more people you get an extra £15 off each. An absolute bargain! We are aware that the weather is much better in LA, however we all love the unpredictable weather in the UK right?

3- We all want to get our hands on a Kinjaz t-shirt. Yes, us too. The fellas will be bringing their exclusive t-shirts, gadgets and gizmos to sell. Form an orderly queue!

4- It will be a lot of fun. Yes, you heard right. Dancing is and always should be fun! We pride ourselves on our relaxed and supportive environments, and this workshop will be no exception. Expect to have fun. Tonnes of it.

5- A unique experience. Hands down one of the most unique workshop experiences you will experience. Think Harry Pottter meets an army of dance ninjas. Yup, we went there! The workshop is held at Jacksons Lane; one of the most beautiful iconic dance venues in London. Trust us when we say you don’t want to miss it!

For more information on how to book please visit our events page here

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