The Writer’s Toolkit

“It’s time to give our community back its own power and enable our generation to think and write for themselves…tell our own stories.” 

Lee Griffiths, Producer

The Hip Hop dance community in the UK is creative and sophisticated, yet underrepresented widely. It is becoming increasingly apparent that Hip Hop dance artists need more support to analyse and critique their work and develop tools which support the development of their craft.
As an organisation, Body Politic feels that there is a lack of our community’s voice being heard in nationally published think pieces, represented accurately in reviews and being funded by UK governing bodies. As a result Artistic Director Emma-Jane Greig is partnering with artist Isaac Ouro-Gnao to create the UK’s first writers programme targeting Hip Hop artists specifically.
Over the next 12 months, Body Politic will be offering an array of opportunities to support the development and skills of how Hip Hop artists can articulate their ideas for different purposes and different audiences. Facilitated by forefronting industry specialists, Body Politic will provide sessions from copywriting to interview structures, application writing to creating large think pieces.
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