Help kick-start our project!

As you may know towards the end of last year Body Politic received Arts Council England funding to develop Reflections.

So why are we asking you for more money?

Succesful Arts Council bids rely on a certain proportion of match-funding. In fact you rarely get Arts Council support without it! This could be funding that you apply from other funding pots, in-kind support or private income, such as public funding aka. the dreaded Kickstarter!

Arts Council funding has enabled us to create powerful and poignant work around mental health illnesses. But it doesn’t mean that the hard work has stopped!

So why do we need your donations?

We need your donations to help contribute towards our stated ‘match-funding’ agreement. Your donations will go directly towards our core costs such as costume for the cast, travel expenses and performance costs. Failure to reach our target means that we have to look at other creative ways to raise the money. Artistic Director, Emma-Jane Greig has suggested a company half marathon and was greeted with a few looks of despair!

In all seriousness, the work that we are creating is powerful. Moreover, it’s important. We want to help raise awareness of the importance of looking after your mental health.

If you would like to find out more about the show or book your ticket please click here

If you could donate a few pennies or help share our kickstarter with others we would really appreciate it. Please click the link here to donate

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