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Rape Crisis England and Wales

Rape Crisis England & Wales is the umbrella body for a network of independent Rape Crisis Centres. All Centres provide specialist support and services for victims and survivors of sexual violence with a focus on women and girls. The website offers a free chat and a support hotline. 


Women’s Aid

Women’s Aid is a national charity working to end domestic abuse against women and children and offering support through email and chat services. 


Southall Black Sisters

Southall Black Sisters is a not-for-profit, secular and inclusive organisation to meet the needs of Black (Asian and African-Caribbean) women, highlighting and challenging all forms gender-related violence against women. 


Survivors Trust

The Survivors Trust is an umbrella agency for specialist rape and sexual abuse services in the UK providing providing information, advice, support and therapy to victims and survivors of all ages, all genders, of all forms of sexual violence, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation, including support for partners and family members. 



Galop is a UK LGBT+ anti-abuse charity working with and for LGBT+ victims and survivors of interpersonal abuse and violence. They offer support via hotline or email. 



Survivors provide a national online helpline, individual and group counselling for boys, men and non-binary people aged 13+ who have experienced sexual violence at any time in their lives. 


Strut Safe Hotline

Strut Safe offers a free hotline you can call to be accompanied on your way home across the UK and free walks home in Edinburgh. 


Brook is the only national charity to offer both clinical sexual health services and education and wellbeing services for young people.



Nice reads

Tea Consent 

A quick and easy explanation of what consent means using the example of making a tea. 


What is street harassment and why is it still happening in lockdown?

Short documentation about sexual harrassment during lockdown including a range of perspectives from women of colour and queer individuals. 


Our Streets Now Blog

Blog by the feminist campaign Our Streets Now including a variety of posts on art, politics and more. 


Our Streets Now Resource Pack on Public Sexual Harassment

Information on what Public Sexual Harrassment is, how it affects different people and what we can do about it. Including reading lists and further ressources. 


A personal blog by feminist writer and scholar Sarah Ahmed on what life is like as a feminist killjoy. 


Social media


Our Streets Now Campaign against sexual harrassment. 



The Catcall Collective shares stories of sexual harrassment and abuse aiming to form a community in which one can feel less alone while also offering helpful information. 



rupi kaur shares with the world her beautiful feminist poetry. Lovely readings for your instagram feed.

Taking me back aims to combat rape culture and support survivors by sharing stories, ressources, education and more. 



Strutsafe offers a national hotline accompanying you on late nights on your way home. 



Providing dancers with a safe and accessible line to community where they can ask questions, disclose abuse, get connected with resources and share their stories. 

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