You’ve read it right! All the young people from our M Word project will be performing at the Oxford Christmas Light Festival!

Taking place this Friday (17th November), the M Word dancers will take to the Gloucester Green live dance stage, programmed by Dancin’ Oxford.

Taking to the stage will be dancers like Eden, from the Rose Hill group, who is excited to show what he can do.

“I really enjoy showing my movement and dances to other people,” he says, “because sometimes you can inspire people to become better at something they like.”

The energetic group exercise has been working hard, learning a fun routine, but also “creating our own bits” which you’ll be able to watch and appreciate.

It will be a “massive achievement” and a “massive boost of confidence for them,” says Emma-Jane, leading the project.

“We’re currently working on a dance piece that will be performed at Oxford Christmas Light Festival on the 17th of November and the piece will incorporate all three groups from across the city – so that’s Wood Farm, Rose Hill, and Blackbird Leys.

“For a lot of the young people, most of the young people we’re working with it’ll be the first time they’ll ever perform on stage so it’s a big deal!”

What can you expect? Our M Word dancers, ready to test their skills and share what they’ve learnt over the past months.

Here’s a little snippet of what they’ve been working on!

Oxford’s Christmas Light Festival will be running on Friday 17 November to Sunday 19 November.

Other than our lovely dancers, you can enjoy light and sound installations, a festive market, music, and lots of free activities in venues across the city.

Come and support our young people. Who knows, you might just get inspired!

Christmas Light Festival is co-produced by Oxford City Council and Ian Nolan Events on behalf of
communities and cultural organisations across the city.

The M Word is a project run by Body Politic in partnership with Dancin’ Oxford.

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