To a world that instructs women to be passive and conciliatory, anger is a terrifying thing.

Fuelled by fury, THEM explores three young women’s struggle to navigate loss of self, trauma and the impact societal-defined generalisations have on our mental wellbeing.

Thrown together by a shared experience, the piece shifts through time and space as the women find healing from the pages of their journal, and resolve from the voices of others.

After a publicly acclaimed 2019 tour of Father Figurine, Body Politic are back with a powerful and gripping display of hip hop dance. Directed by Emma-Jane Greig and choreographed by Jackie Kibuka, THEM delves deeper into an emotional portrayal of dehumanisation, inequality and misogyny.

Commissioned by Swindon Dance, Dancin’ Oxford & supported by Arts Council England & Omnibus Theatre.

Artistic Director: Emma-Jane Greig

Choreographer: Jackie Kibuka

Dance Artists: Christina Dionysopoulou, Elsabet Yonas, Duja Sinada

Composer: Charlotte Bickley

Lighting Design: Chloe Kenward

Associate Lighting Designer & Relighter: Sam Osbourne

Costume & Set Design: Charlie Cridlan

Dramaturg: Miranda Laurence

Artist: Hannah Buckman

Run time: 55mins

Trigger warning: Please note that this piece discusses issues around sexual violence and consent but is suitable for ages 14yrs+.

Curtain Raiser:

Our Northwall performance features a very special performance from nine incredible young people who took part in a three-day residency during February half term. During the three days, the dancers used the themes of the work to create and explore movement, text and performance technique. A huge well done to Rosie, Mae, Tallulah, Lauren, Mya, Elsabeth, Victoria, Shanice and Marianna! We are so proud of what you have created together.



A special thanks to Studio Wayne McGregor for the loan of their dance floor, and to the fabulous cast and creative team for bringing this work to like despite all the challenges that were thrown at us.

Creating work during a pandemic is no easy feat, and we are beyond grateful for everyone, past and present, who has pulled out all the stops to support the creation of this work. Thank you.


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