To a world that instructs women to be passive and conciliatory, anger is a terrifying thing.

“It wasn’t that bad… He didn’t really mean it… Did he tell my friends?”

Nina’s boyfriend dumped her. He slept with her, then dumped her. She didn’t say ‘yes’. She was a bit drunk. She only remembers fragments. Now, the whole school knows.

THEM follows the stories of three young women as they navigate their way to healing through their journals. Set to a driving, electronic score by acclaimed composer C. Bickley, and featuring three compelling dancers, THEM is a riveting hip hop dance theatre show about mental well-being and consent.

The stunning choreography flows seamlessly from being powerfully gripping to soothingly harmonious. Directed by Emma-Jane Greig and choreographed by Jackie Kibuka, THEM is a powerful portrayal of healing through solidarity.

Commissioned by Swindon Dance, Dancin’ Oxford & supported by Arts Council England, South East Dance, Omnibus Theatre & Pegasus Theatre.

Artistic Director: Emma-Jane Greig

Choreographer: Jackie Kibuka

Dance Artists: Christina Dionysopoulou, Emily Jordan, Viki Čerček

Composer: Char Bickley with additional music and composition by Josh Davies

Lighting Design: Chloe Kenward

Production Manager & Relighter: Sam Osbourne

Costume & Set Design: Charlie Cridlan

Dramaturg: Miranda Laurence and Emma Webb

Assistant Stage Manager: Bella Blythe

Run time: 55mins

Trigger warning: An emotional yet hopeful story for ages 14yrs+

Please note that this piece discusses issues around sexual violence and consent but is suitable for ages 14yrs+. Flashing lights are used in this show.

Post-show discussions:

We are really passionate about the themes of the work and want to find new ways to continue the conversation post-production. In each of the venues we will be hosting a post-show discussion chaired by local organisations and community members who are directly linked to the shows themes. We feel this is really important to help signpost audience members to local organisations, add context to the work and help widen ongoing discussions. 

For more information on the post-show discussions please feel free to get in touch with one of the team at



A special thanks the fabulous cast and creative team for bringing this work to life once again, despite all the challenges that were thrown at us.



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