Father Figurine is making its next appearance at MÓTUS Festival 2018!

We’re excited to bring the full length piece, after weeks of ongoing research and development, to the dance festival in Milton Keynes.

Father Figurine will feature on 4 June at MÓTUS’ ‘You, Me: Dance’ festival at Stantonbury Theatre to an audience of pupils and students.

That’s right! Our aim with this body of work has always been to empower and raise awareness about mental health issues in young people!

And we’re excited to showcase this very relatable piece that explores the growing prevalence of mental health in men and young boys, while still offering an inclusive experience.

Tickets are only made available to school groups. If you’re interested, can make the journey, and would like to bring your school group, please email tickets@motusdance.co.uk for more information.

We will also be holding workshops for those who attend, teaching young people how to express themselves and boost self-esteem through poetry, hip hop dance and theatrical tools we’ve developed. We promise a relaxed, safe and supportive environment!

The festival also has other performances to enjoy. 2Faced Dance Company will showcase What The Moon Saw – a magical journey for little ones and their families that teaches us how to be brave through dance, circus and music; Dan Nicholas’s will deliver D.A.N.C.E. – an evening of live stand up comedy; and Alleyne Dance will present a powerful athletic performance exploring incarceration. And there’s much more!

Join us at MÓTUS Festival 2018 to experience Father Figurine for its first time as a full length body of work!

Father Figurine is a hip hop dance theatre piece exploring the male ego and mental health issues – specifically depression and anxiety – within the context of a fractured father-son relationship.

MÓTUS Festival 2018 – ‘You, Me: Dance’ – will take place from 14 May to 10 June across the city of Milton Keynes.

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